The Miss VietFest Pageant wants your confidence, intelligence, beauty, and love of the Vietnamese culture to shine through in our next competition! To become the next shining queen, simply fill out the form below, send a head shot photo (neck up) to, and use PayPal to pay the $35 registration fee or send a check (payable to NOVAL-DC) to 4937 Andrea Ave, Annandale, VA 22003. Please be sure to read the terms and agreement before submitting your application.

2014 Registrations are Now Open!MissVietFest2B

We look forward to meeting you and seeing you shine on stage!

Prizes & Honors (subject to change):

Miss VietFest Queen:

·         $1,500 cash prize

·         Professional Photography Package by Glamour Photo Studio

·         $2,500 life insurance policy from American Income Life Insurance

·         Prizes from Malkhia Relations, LLC

o   7 week modeling and acting package valued at $1200

o   1 Free photo shoot to be scheduled in September for portfolio

o   2 hours free pageant coaching for future pageant competitions

o   20% off pageant services for future pageant competitions including makeup, styling, coaching, shopping

VietFest 1st Princess:

·         $800 cash prize

VietFest 2nd Princess:

·         $600 cash prize

Miss Photogenic: Professional Photography Package


The Miss VietFest Experience for All Contestants:

·         Professional Head Shot and Body Shot provided by Glamour Photo Studio

·         Modeling and Pageant coaching session prior to competition provided by:

o   2014 Ms. Maryland United States

o   2014 Ms. Wyoming United States and Miss VietFest Director

o   2012 and 2013 Miss VietFest titleholders

·         Lessons and group session for calming/meditation techniques provided by our Wellness and Beauty Coach

·         Make-up advice and consultation from our Wellness and Beauty Coach

·         Hair and Make-up on the day of competition

·         Contestant Sash and personal contestant number pin

·         Flowers on the day of competition because we believe you are beautiful and winners in our eyes

·         40% off discounted rate to start college savings program from American Income Life

·         Mental and emotional support

·         A safe environment for you to ask questions and for 1-on-1 attention

·         An experience of a lifetime

To register as a pageant contestant, please complete the following steps as described below:

  1. Fill out the Miss VietFest 2014 Application Form.
  2. Send a head shot photo (neck up) to
  3. Use the PayPal button below to pay the $35 registration fee. OR send a check payable to “NOVAL-DC” to 4937 Andrea Ave, Annandale, VA 22003.
Pay Now


VF12_pageant crowning

When and where is the 2014 Miss VietFest Scholarship Pageant?

The 2014 Miss VietFest Pageant will take place on August 17th, 2013 at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia.

When is the pageant deadline and how do I apply?

The 2013 Miss VietFest application deadline is June 30th, 2013. You can apply on the “Application” tab of

What is new and exciting in the 2014 Miss VietFest competition?

The Miss VietFest team is excited to add a talent portion to the Miss VietFest competition! We accept all types of talents, such as singing, dancing, martial arts demonstration, poetry recitation, and more. Talent will be judged by the contestant’s enthusiasm, contestant’s display of confidence, and audience engagement.

The competition areas are now evening gown presentation, Vietnamese proverb, talent, ao dai presentation, and on-stage question. On-stage question will be reserved for the top 5 finalist.

Why should I compete in Miss VietFest?

  1. Gain new friendships through the competition. One of the many wonderful things about the Miss VietFest Pageant is the strong bonds forged during practices, meetings, and on the day of the pageant. We encourage camaraderie and helping each other to improve throughout the Miss VietFest Pageant experience. Most importantly, we encourage sisterhood and lifelong friendship.
  2. Reconnect with the Vietnamese culture. Through the Vietnamese Proverb competition, contestants must research a Vietnamese proverb and reflect on why the proverb is meaningful to them. We encourage contestants to discuss with family and friends about the proverb and our culture
  3. Improve your public speaking and interviewing skills. Strong communication skills are needed in any field of work, not just in pageantry. We provide a public speaking workshop and practices so you will feel confident when you’re holding the microphone on stage. If you can nail a pageant interview and on stage question, you can nail any job interview.
  4. Gain networking opportunities with NOVAL-DC partners. Knowing the right people and having the right connections are essential to success. By joining the Miss VietFest Pageant, you are joining the NOVAL-DC family. You will have opportunities to connect with our community and professional partners.
  5. Gain modeling experience. As a contestant, you have the opportunity to partake in our contestant photo shoot and contestant video. We provide workshops on how to walk, pose, and model in ao dai and evening gown.
  6. Gain pageant experience. We encourage all contestants to continue onto pageantry and grow from the Miss VietFest Pageant experience. The 2014 Miss VietFest Pageant Director, Elizabeth Thaihuong Nguyen, is a former Miss VietFest titleholder and a current Ms. Northern Virginia United States titleholder. She has competed in 3 different pageant systems. With knowledge from both Vietnamese pageants and American pageant system, the Miss VietFest Pageant team will provide workshops on how to prepare and compete in other systems.
  7. Be a role model. All Miss VietFest Pageant contestants are ambassadors of the Vietnamese community. As a contestant, you are encouraging other young women and girls to take risks, follow their dreams and aspiration, and to grow and learn from their experience. We are proud of all our Miss VietFest contestants (past and current) and we will continue to support your endeavors before, during, and after the pageant.

Is there a registration fee and what does the fee cover?

Yes, the non-refundable registration fee for the Miss VietFest Pageant is $35 and is payable through PayPal. The entry fee can be paid by you, sponsors, family, or friends. The registration fee helps fund the pageant production.

Do I need to live in a certain area to compete?

No. The Miss VietFest Pageant is open to all Vietnamese-American women living in the United States. Note that all participants must be able to make mandatory meet-ups and be present for the pageant. Each participant is responsible for her travel and lodging.

Please note that the Miss VietFest Pageant, pageant meet-ups, and royal court appearances will be held in the DC-metropolitan area (VA, MD, and DC). Titleholders are ultimately responsible for appearances near their location. For example, if you reside in southern Virginia, as a titleholder, you should seek out events to make appearances to with a crown and/or sash.

What are the requirements?

Miss VietFest contestants must be between the ages of 18 and 28 at the time of the competition. Contestants must be at least 50% of Asian descent and 25% Vietnamese. Contestants may not be married or pregnant. They must not have ever been married, had a marriage annulled nor given birth to, or parented a child. The titleholders are required to remain non-married throughout their reign.

Will mandatory meetings before the pageant take up much of my time? When do they take place?

There are few mandatory meetings such as the initial meet & greet, learning stage formation, and rehearsal. Catwalk and posing practices are mostly optional. Most mandatory meetings will take place on Sundays around the afternoon. As with most life events and commitments, the more time you put into the process, the more you will get out of it.

 Will the Miss VietFest Team help me feel comfortable on stage?

YES! We understand that not everyone has stage experience. We will reserve time to help you feel and look confident on stage through your walk and posing. The Miss VietFest Pageant team is here to assist you every step of the way. Our team consists of current VietFest titleholders and past VietFest titleholders. The 2014 Miss VietFest Pageant Director is the current Ms. Northern Virginia United States titleholder.

Do I have to speak Vietnamese to compete?

No. There is no preference if you speak Vietnamese or English during the competition.  We do ask during the proverb section of the competition, you say your Vietnamese proverb in Vietnamese, but then you may explain your proverb in either Vietnamese or English. Your scores will not be affected by the language you speak during the Proverb or Q&A section. Your score will be based on how well you answered the question, how confident you were in your answer, and if your answer was well-reasoned.

Is there a physical requirement (height & weight)?

No, there is no required height or weight requirement. We believe everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. “Beauty” is not a judging criterion. We look for confidence, professionalism, elegance, individuality, and intelligence.

What wardrobe items do I need?

Each contestant should have an ao dai (Vietnamese traditional dress) and floor-length evening gown for the competition.

What if I do not have an ao dai or evening gown? Do I need to buy everything new?

Each participant is ultimately responsible for her own ao dai or evening gown for the competition. However, the pageant team understands that these clothing items will not always be easily available to everyone. It is a personal choice if you want to buy new outfits for the pageant but it is NOT required for you to buy anything new. If you do not have an ao dai or evening gown, we encourage you to borrow ao dais and evening gowns from friends or family or reuse an existing ao dai or prom dress. We highly recommend that each contestant dry clean each borrowed outfit as a courtesy to their lender.

The Miss VietFest pageant team will be available to answer your questions regarding outfits. We may assist in obtaining borrowed outfits but it is not guaranteed we will be able to lend you an outfit.

Remember, the judges will be looking at the confident woman wearing the outfit, not the outfit itself. Choose the dress you feel most confident in.

Are tattoos and body piercings allowed?

Tattoos and piercing are a statement of your individuality, and to this point we have not prohibited anyone from entering the pageant because of them. Judges are not told to look upon someone negatively because of tattoos or piercing, but judging is a subjective process done by each individual differently.

Should you feel that your tattoo might be offensive, you may want to make sure it is covered by your gown, ao dai, or body makeup. If you are uncomfortable with your naval piercing, you may want to make sure your wardrobe covers it, replace it with something smaller and less noticeable or remove it completely for pageant weekend.

I competed previously in the Miss VietFest competition. May I compete more than once?

Yes. We welcome all previous contestants to join the pageant again as long as they do not hold a previous or current Miss VietFest or royal court title. We are big supporters for those who do not give up on their dreams and goals.

Do I need to have any previous pageant experience to compete in the Miss VietFest Pageant?

No experience necessary! Most of our participants have never competed before. It takes confidence, elegance, poise, personality, and intelligence to compete in a pageant, not experience. The Miss VietFest team is committed that all contestants learn and develop personally and professionally throughout the competition.

What is expected of me if I win a Miss VietFest or Royal Court title?

The Miss VietFest Royal Court is the voice and image of NOVAL-DC and the bright Vietnamese community for a term of 1 year. Each titleholder is expected to act with the highest standards of professionalism. They will be responsible for participating in local Vietnamese community/charity events, do radio/television interviews, attend seminars, and inspire other young Vietnamese women to take initiatives in their goals. Each titleholder has a number of appearances to fulfill during their reign. The Pageant team understands school, work, and family is a first priority and will coordinate with your schedule when arranging all pageant appearances/events.

Still have a question regarding the Miss VietFest Pageant? Please contact


About the Miss VietFest Pageant Organization

The Miss VietFest Pageant strives to be much more than a beauty contest. The ultimate goal of of Miss VietFest is to be a positive pageant that empowers young, confident, intelligent Vietnamese women. What makes the VietFest Pageant unique is our equal focus on community work, scholarship, culture preservation, and leadership. The Miss VietFest Pageant strives to give young women the essential tools to be strong role models by providing a network of local community leaders. We also provide opportunities for participants to improve professionalism and interpersonal skills through our workshops and giving back to the community. Most importantly, the Miss VietFest Pageant is a stepping-stone for future Vietnamese-Americans who aspire to grow personally and to use their experiences to empower the Vietnamese community.

About the Competition

The Miss VietFest Pageant competition consists of 4 parts: Evening Gown Showcase, Vietnamese Proverb 30 second speech, Ao Dai Showcase, and Top 5 Q&A. Each contestant will be encouraged to show off their grace and poise through their confident catwalks and poses in both a long evening gown and ao dai. The Vietnamese Proverb speech will give the contestants an opportunity to learn about their culture by choosing a meaningful Vietnamese proverb and explaining why the proverb they chose is special to them. The Q&A portion will give each contestant a chance to voice to the community who they are and what they believe in. Throughout the competition, the contestants are encouraged to be confident, build new friendships, and most importantly, have fun with this once in a life time experience!

Thank you to our 2014 Miss VietFest Sponsors
We would like to thank our Miss VietFest sponsors. Thank you for believing in our mission to empower young Vietnamese women and for contributing to the Vietnamese community!


Miss VietFest 2013 Queen
Ngoc Anh Vi Nguyen


Learn more about Miss Ngoc Anh Vi Nguyen here!

VietFest 1st Princess 2013
Ngoc Qui Duong


Learn more about Miss Ngoc Qui Duong here!

VietFest 2nd Princess 2013
Lizzi Van Thy Nguyen


Learn more about Miss Lizzi Van Thy Nguyen here!

VietFest Miss Photogenic 2013
Jade Phuong Tran

Learn more about Miss Jade Phuong Tran here!


Miss VietFest 2012 Queen
Miss Ngoc Hoa Bui


Learn more about Miss Ngoc Hoa Bui here!

VietFest 1st Princess 2012
Miss Ngoc Hue Vo


Learn more about Miss Ngoc Hue Vo here!

VietFest 2nd Princess 2012
Miss Thaihuong Nguyen


Learn more about Miss Thaihuong Nguyen here!

VietFest Miss Photogenic 2012
Miss Alex Linh Vu

Learn more about Miss Alex Linh Vu here!





vy_profileNgoc Anh Vi xin tran thanh kinh chao cac ban!

Hello dear friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
I just wanted to recap what I have been up to since my reign as Miss Vietfest 2013!


June 18, 2014

Thank you so much to NOVAL for asking me to be the emcee for the NOVAL Vietfest 2014 Press Conference hosted at Maryland Live! Casino on June 18th. I had an amazing time getting to speak in front of so many important people and I can’t wait for what lies ahead for this years Vietfest Festival. Once again thank you to Maryland Live! Casino for being the title sponsor!

Ngoc Anh Vi xin cam on NOVAL da cho Ngoc Anh Vi co hoi de lam MC cho dem Bao chi cho Hoi Cho Vietfest nam 2014 tai Maryland Live! Casino.

hh13_1 hh13_2 image_2

June 1, 2014

On June 1, 2014, I had the honor of attending VNMAP (Viet Nam Medical Assistance Program) fundraising banquet. The banquet was a success and I was happy to get the party started. Thank you to everyone that came out to the dance floor and help bring a great end to the event! I had lots of fun!

Ngay 1 thang 6, Ngoc Anh Vi co co Hoi de tham Gia tiec gay qui cua VNMAP. Ngoc Anh Vi Xin cam on cac ban cung voi Vi da ra ung ho VNMAP!

hh13_1 hh13_2

March 23, 2014

On March 23rd, I had the privilege of helping Hoi Bach Ai Phanxico Franciscan Charity in raising over $75,000. We helped get over 32 orphans sponsored/adopted, helped raise money for 13 schools and help raise money for children and adults that needed money for much needed medical aid and much needed surgeries. I felt so blessed to have been able to lend a helping hand for such a great cause!

Ngay 23 thang 3, Ngoc Anh Vi duoc co hoi de dong gop giong hat cung nhu la mot ban tay de giup Hoi Bach Ai Phanxico de quyen gop tien de giup chua benh va ung ho cac tre em mo coi khuyet tat. Ngoc Anh Vi cam thay rat la xuc dong da duoc co co Hoi nay.

hh13_1 hh13_2

March 9, 2014

Hello, everyone! On March 9th, I had the privilege of attending the “Lend a Hand” fundraising dinner at Harvest Moon restaurant. It was an honor to join the Vietnamese community to take a stand against labor and sex slavery, in a charity event that raised nearly $11,000. In hearing the testimonials of those affected by human trafficking, I was very touched and hope to contribute to the cause in order to make positive change.


Lizzi Van Thy Nguyen
Miss VietFest 2nd Princess 2013


February 1, 2014

Chuc mung nam moi!

I hope everyone had a wonderful new year! I was so blessed to be able to celebrate Tet with my friends and family this year, but most of all, with everyone who came out to Eden Center February 1, 2014 for the fun and exciting Tet celebrations! I had an amazing time meeting so many people and taking so many pictures! Words can’t describe the Tet experience that Eden Center offers every year! It was so warming to see the Vietnamese community come together to celebrate and enjoy all the festivities of Tet. I really enjoyed watching the dragon dance in the streets as they make their way to all the stores. Even though it got a bit loud and smoky at times, I loved watching the crazy firecrackers. They are just the cheery on top of the amazing Tet celebrations! Hopefully everyone else enjoyed the experience as much as I did!

Again, Happy New Year and may the year of the horse be your year!

hh13_1 hh13_2

February 1, 2014

Miss Vietfest 2013 xin chao cac ban! Ngoc Anh Vi xin cam on Cong Dong Vietnam tai Washington, DC da moi Ngoc Anh Vi tham giu Hoi Tet Mung Xuan Giap Ngo 2014 trong ngay 1 thang 2 tai nha hang Fortune va da cho Ngoc Anh Vi co hoi de co mat trong Fashion Show Ao dai.

Hello friends! I would like to extend a warm thank you to the Vietnamese community in DC for inviting me to attend their festivities hosted at Fortune Restaurant on February 1, 2014 to celebrate the New Year with everyone. It was a great honor and privilege to stand along side the choir in singing the national anthem as well as being able to participate in the Ao Dai fashion show with such beautiful ladies.

Happy New Year Everyone! May this year be prosperous and joyous and bring you lots of luck, love and happiness!

Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

hh13_1 hh13_2

January 19, 2014

I had the honor and privilege of attending the Tet Festival in Maryland. Words can’t even begin to describe and explain the various events that occurred throughout the day. I was honored to have been given the chance to open the event by singing both the American and Vietnamese national anthems. I also got the chance to test my skills at making cotton candy at the NOVAL booth. The highlight of my day I’d have to say was getting the chance to be a judge for the Miss Ao Dai Maryland Pageant. I have never been a judge, so this experience was definitely new for me. I had so much fun getting to interact and meet with so many people, both new and old, such as the other beautiful Pageant Queens; Miss Vietnam DC 2013, Miss Ao Dai Maryland 2013, Miss Ao Dai Maryland 2014, as well as Ms. Northern Virginia (NOVA) United States 2014.

Trong ngay 19 thang 2, Ngoc Anh Vi da duoc co hoi de tham gia Hoi Cho Tet tai Maryland. Ngov Anh Vi rat la vui khi duoc dong gop giong hat cua minh de dat bai quoc ca my va quoc ca Vietnam. Ngoc Anh Vi cung rat la vui khi duoc co hoi de lam giam khao trong cuoc thi Hoa Hau Ao Dai Maryland 2014. Ngoc Anh Vi xin tran thanh cam on Hoi Ket Doan cung nhu la NOVAL da cho Ngoc Anh Vi co hoi de tham gia mot Hoi Cho Tet rat la vui.

hh13_1 hh13_2

November 9, 2013

I had the privilege of singing the Vietnamese National Anthem at the Ket Doan 11th Annual Banquet. I would like to thank Anh Thanh Tran for including me in the program and giving me the opportunity to help Ket Doan sell raffle tickets and raise money. Every helping hand counts and I’m glad to have been able to contribute as much as I could and hopefully more in the future. I met so many wonderful faces and had such a great time! Thanks to everyone for their generous hospitality!

Ngay 9 thang 11, Ngoc Anh Vi da co co Hoi de hat Quoc ca Vietnam trong dem an mung cua Ket Doan. Ngoc Anh Vi cam thay rat la vui mung khi duoc dong gop giong hat cua Minh cung nhu la mot ban tay trong truong Chinh. Cam on cac ban rat la nhieu!


October 18, 2013

I had the honor of meeting all the people responsible for making Vietfest possible. If it weren’t for the many volunteers, the crew, the directors, the sponsors, the NOVAL board members, the designers, the performers and so on…there wouldn’t have been a festival and I would not have had the chance to win the title of Miss Vietfest. I owe it all to each and every single one of those individuals.

hh13_1 hh13_2

October 6, 2013

I came to support my friends at Tinh Hoa Nuoc Viet. Each and every single individual worked so hard to put on a fantastic show; from the fashion show, to the decorations, props, dance numbers, costumes, etc. I had a wonderful evening meeting everyone at the NOVAL booth and getting to take so many pictures! :P

qov13_1 qov13_2 qov13_3 qov13_4 qov13_7


pageant5 copy


Miss VietFest  is a prestigious Vietnamese American Cultural & Scholastic Pageant hosted by NOVAL. Our primary focus is to elevate the Vietnamese American female as a national symbol of beauty and pride captured internally and externally through her poise, grace, intellectual strength, and individuality. Hosted annually at the largest Vietnamese Festival in the East Coast, the MVF pageant serves to promote Vietnamese culture through language, music, dance, and the Vietnamese traditional dress, the áo dài.

MVF 2013 will be hosted by NOVAL at the 2nd annual Vietnamese Festival at Sears Parking lots at Landmark Mall on Sunday, August 25th at 3pm.





Please click on each contestant to learn more about her.

1-Anh Vi Ngoc Nguyen HSF
2-Nhu Quynh Viet Tran HSF
3-Lizzi Van Thy Nguyen HSF
4-Vivienne Hai Linh Bui HSF
5-Hang Minh Nguyen HSF
6-Cindy Le HSF
7-Jade Phuong Tran HSF
8-Tram Anh Nguyen HSF
9-Khanh Connie Ngoc Ngo HSF
10-Thien Trang Vu HSF
11-Ngoc Nhu Pham HSF
12-Aidyn Anh Huynh HSF
13-Ngoc Qui Duong HSF
14-Jennifer A. Kim Nguyen HSF
15-Michelle Vuhan Tran HSF
















NVR interview: The Miss VietFest Pageant Experience and Application with 2012 Royal Court

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NVR interview: Introduction to Miss VietFest Pageant with Pageant Director

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