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Anime Bazaar (Character Art and Design)

Character Art and Design

Lucky Lotus Festival 6 (Poster and Album Cover)

Event page

Dere Deck (Card Illustrations)

Character Card Illustrations

Amalee / Leegion Creative (Cover Art and Video Art Assets)

  • Art for "Santa Senpai" / video

  • Art for "Nineli" Iron Fortress Kabaneri ED / video
  • Art for "Anna ni Issho Datta no ni" Gundam Seed ED1 Cover / video
  • Art for "Crossing Field" (Acoustic) | ENGLISH Ver/ video
  • Art for Link Start SAO Album Cover / video / itunes
  • Art for Total Coverage Vol 1 Album Cover / video / itunes
  • Art for Total Coverage Vol 2 Album Cover / video / itunes

Anime Unity Channel (Mastcot Illustration & Artwork for Video)

Chibi mascot illustration / channel

Artwork for English "SPICE" Shokugeki no Soma (Lemon & Kuraiinu)​ / video

Poptaku (Mascot Artwork)

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