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As a vendor, you will have the opportunity to promote your products and services, provide entertainment and games, or serve authentic ethnic food selections, drinks, and desserts to a large scale audience. Through our various marketing mediums, such as newspaper, television, radio, media advertising, and online promotions, we expect to attract an estimate of 20,000 people to our festival. Our booths are limited in number, so be sure to reserve your booth as soon as possible.

Three categories of Booth Vendors:


  • Food Vendor – selling foods or drinks

  • Exhibition Vendor – advertise your products and services with informational booths and art displays; no exchange of money is permitted

  • Games/Commercial Vendor – selling products or services

Important Notes:


  • Food Vendor is responsible for applying for a Temporary Food Establishment Permit and Insurance.

  • Food Vendor is responsible for applying for a Fire Prevention Permit if planning to use any cooking device.

  • Food Vendor will not be allowed to participate in the festival without appropriate permits.  An application must be applied by August 7, 2022.

(downloadable PDF)​​

(for Temporary Food Establishment)​​

(for Temporary Food Establishment)​​

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