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Contestant Qualifications:


  • Must be at least 50% Asian descent and at least 25% Vietnamese.

  • 18-30 years of age at the time of competition.

  • Is single, not married, has never been married and has never had children

  • Has never posed nude in film or print media

  • Has never given birth

  • Reside, attend school, or work in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, West Virginia or the District of Columbia

  • Is a Citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States, by proof of official documentation

  • Must be open to competing in a state preliminary for Virginia, Maryland, or District of Columbia

Contest Details:


The Miss VietFest Pageant competition consists of 5 parts:


  • Optional Competitions (Runway, Swimwear, Talent)

  • Evening Gown Showcase

  • Vietnamese Proverb 30 second speech

  • Ao Dai Showcase

  • Final Q&A.


Contestants will have the option to participate in 1 or 2 of the following competitions on the first day: Runway, Swimwear, or Talent.

Each contestant will be encouraged to show off their grace and poise through their confident catwalks and poses in both a long evening gown and ao dai.


The Vietnamese Proverb speech will give the contestants an opportunity to learn about their culture by choosing a meaningful Vietnamese proverb and explaining why the proverb they chose is special to them. 


The Q&A portion will give each contestant a chance to voice to the community who they are and what they believe in.

Throughout the competition, the contestants are encouraged to be confident, build new friendships, and most importantly, have fun with this once in a lifetime experience!

Apply Now!


The Miss VietFest United States Pageant wants your confidence, intelligence, beauty, and love of the Vietnamese culture to shine through in our next competition! To become the next shining queen, simply complete the steps below. Please be sure to read the terms and agreement before submitting your application.


  • Fill out the 2024 Miss VietFest United States Application:

  • Send a professional or non-professional head shot photo (neck or ribcage up) to

  • Use the PayPal button below to pay the $35 registration fee:

**  We look forward to meeting you and seeing you shine on stage!

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